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We are working proactively to support our clients and caregivers as the situation with COVID-19 continues. You can rest assured that we are taking active measures to keep everyone safe by following CDC guidelines, using hand sanitizer, and wearing personal protective equipment. The safety of our clients and caregivers is important to us. Please give us a call if you have any questions.

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Our Mission Is Your Happiness

Seventh Generation Eldercare works tirelessly towards one goal—keeping your loved one happy. Our approach to in-home care involves more than just showing up and doing chores. Instead, our caregivers are a source of strength and compassion for your loved one. We tailor all our services to help your seniors enjoy continued independence in a familiar place they love. Above all, we believe in genuine compassion through dedicated in-home care.

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Where Does Our Name Come From?

Our name, Seventh Generation, was chosen to reflect our values of helping people and restoring hope. Over 140 years ago, the Oglala Lakota Native American leaders had a vision. They spoke of a future, seven generations ahead, where people from all walks of life came together to improve their community. Each person was a source of hope and trust for their neighbor.

We chose our name to reflect our desire to improve our community and support our neighbors. Beyond our primary caregiver duties, we also restore hope by helping local non-profits and volunteering at community events. Our company is at the forefront of Vancouver community involvement. We are proud to bring the Seventh Generation vision to life!


About Kodi

I have worked at Seventh Generation Eldercare for one year and four months. When I started, I was a caregiver and moved my way up to a supervisor position, and I am now working on also becoming a peer counselor as well. I stay at Seventh Generation Eldercare because of the people and the family-like atmosphere. I have been a caregiver at many other companies, and I always felt that my role there was just a job, here I feel included and valued. Our monthly staff meetings are so fun I look forward to the next one as soon as one is over. The owner, Theresa, has created a wonderful environment where all our staff feels welcome and included.


About Alexis

Hello, I'm Alexis, but you can call me Lexi. I do all the hiring and onboarding for our new caregivers. I love being able to help new caregivers get certified and find their footing in this field. If you are interested, reach out, I can answer any question you may have.


About Garrett

Hi, I'm Garrett I've been with this company going on five years. I started as a caregiver and worked my way up to a supervisor and am now managing two sides of this fantastic company.

This company helped me achieve my goals and for that, I am so grateful. I enjoy watching our caregivers grow into their goals, whether it be watching them go into nursing school or getting more certifications. I recommend this company to anyone looking to get into the medical field, it provides a great opportunity.


About Morgan

Hi, I'm Morgan I've worked at Seventh Generation Eldercare for three and a half years. My role is as one of the home care supervisors. A few reasons I enjoy working at Seventh Generation Eldercare are the once a month we have an all-staff meeting, the flexibility, and the incentives. Overall, Seventh Generation Eldercare is a very friendly and welcoming place to work. I enjoy spending my free time with my little family outdoors. I grew up in the beautiful PNW.

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